Tempered glass or Toughened glass is a type of safety glass that is processed with controlled chemical or thermal treatments which increases its strength. This can be used when safety is your priority.

These can be used at

  • * Architectural glass doors and partitions
  • * Shower cubicles
  • * Table tops
  • * Passenger vehicle windows
  • * Refrigerator trays
  • * Glass in cooking ranges and microwave ovens

Toughened glasses are strong and unbreakable glasses used for multiple purposes like for security doors panels, for buildings and structures, for architectural tables and glasses, Balcony doors, shower doors, vehicle windows, swimming pools, facades etc.

We are Handling various glasses are Tinted glass, Designer glass, Bend glass, Toughened glass, Laminated glass.

Types of toughened glass

  • * Clear toughened glass,
  • * Laminated toughened glass
  • * Reflective toughened glass
  • * Tinted toughened glass
  • * Frosted toughened glass.

There are 4 popular glasses thickness with 12mm, 10mm, 8mm & 6mm.